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Kendrapara is an old town. It was the headquarters of the Sub-division bearing the same name in erstwhile Cuttack district. It needs developement through a master plan. The persent master plan for kendrapara has been prepared to bring out the potentialities of various developement of human, material and land resources.

The proposed land use suggest for their implementation, so as to make the town a better place to live in and to function as district headquarters of the newly formed kendrapara district.The present problems of the town, have been identified which are causing imbalances in physical, Social and Economic growth of the town. This Master Plan has been prepared under the provision of Orissa Tarn Planning and Improvement Trust, Act, 1956 (Orissa Act,10 of 1957).

The land and the people are as old as the Mahabharata, and other puranic literatures of Indic, Lord Balarem sler Kandrasura, a mighty demon during the period just after the war of Kurukshetra. In this battle different pares of the body of the demon were thrown all around. The head fell at Asuresewar or Asurasira. The name of the daughter of Kandrasura was Tulasi. She wanted, but could not marry Lord palaram. She was turned into a Tulasi Plant, Kendrapara, the name of the present town might have been christened after the said mighty demon. The region is known as Tulasi Kshetra, like Biraja Kshetra, Charchika Kshetra, Pedma kshetra and Sankha Kshetra.